architect | urban designer | researcher

Urban Pod, A Manifesto

Jleeb Alshuyoukh, Kuwait


Using and analyzing New York City as case study for understanding the making of 21st Century Cities, idealized city theories of design were studied and debated in order for us to develop our own manifesto and implement it in a city, real or imaginary. My aim in this project was to look at the phenomena of migrant workers and their role- or lack of- in the urban realm, in addition to investigating the role of ownership in public space and its responsibility and consequences. The proposal, called Urban Pod, is a reaction to temporal ownership and migrant individuals’ physical needs that would in return affect their psychological needs. I choose to use Jleeb Al Shuyoukh- where most of the ‘bachelor expatriate’ live- as a testing ground for the implementation of the Urban Pod at a variety of scales which ere determined by the area and the density. Certain parameters, such as physical dimensions, public space, and individual activities, were the driving force in developing the final form and configuration of the modular system. The manifesto in general was an attempt to question the notions of temporary citizens, public or shared ownership, and my first attempt at trying to understand the unseen - or usually ignored and hidden - outcomes of a sudden increase in transient workers. This project is one that I continually revisit and it also has triggered an interest in examining the role of temporary individuals in the making of modern cities.