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Porches: Creating Neighborhoods

A porch in an American Society creates a well-rounded neighborhood and maintains the needed communication between neighbors. It frames the houses and its main entrance creating a hierarchal threshold, rather than a boundary; thus, a transitional domain from the very private house to the extremely public street is established. 

Traditionally, the Arabian Liwan, which is an arcade that surrounds traditional houses, created the same threshold and worked as a shading device against the harsh Arabian Sun. However, with the modernization of Kuwait in the 1950’s and 1960’s, many buildings abandoned the Liwan in favour of concrete and glass. 

Like the Liwan, the porch creates an indoors within the outdoors and they both establish the psychological margins that allow the parent to give their children independence, yet keeping them within a strict domain. The effect of the porch in the psychological upbringing of a child rewards the child with trust, confidence, and independence. A parent transitionally allows the child to play indoors then the porch then the yard and soon to the curb. 

This project aims at introducing the American Porch into the Kuwaiti neighborhood and creates a new social network through the communication of a series of porches.

Medium: Pencil on Canson