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Mapping The Broadway Triangle

Broadway Triangle, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

The project was the first project at Graduate School and it entailed mapping the Broadway Triangle to find areas of interest, understand the site and create our introduction to urban design. The Broadway Triangle in Brooklyn, New York is a peculiar area that seems to be a remnant of the redevelopment of Williamsburg and its adjacencies. In this mapping exercise, we used GIS as a means to visually translate data and uncover correlations between seemingly unrelated things. In this investigation, we realized that there is a dense concentration of different ethnicities bounding the Broadway Triangle, creating an almost tension zone in the triangle. A vital part for developing a potential solution to the built environment requires an in-depth understanding of the varying factors that shape it. These sociocultural aspects are the things that cannot be seen easily in the architecture or the urban realm. In this mapping process, we discovered areas of predominately Hasidic Jewish uses and other of mainly African Americans. Moreover, we also found a unique relationship between the unemployment rate and the rate of the population who attended high school. Ironically, the highest unemployment rate also correlates with the highest school attendance rate. This mapping exercise helped in creating a clearer insight into the Broadway Triangle. 

With Paula Asturias and Henry Martes