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A Moment of Silence in a World of Chaos

Fahad Al Salem Street, located in the heart of Kuwait City within the historic First City Gate, is considered the first modern commercial street in Kuwait. In the 60’s and well into the early 80’s, it was the place to see and be seen; but its status as the commercial center of Kuwait pretty much ended with the Fist Gulf War. It has now become a central hub for many expatriate to gather and mingle during their off hours. The street also houses one of the major bus hubs acting as a major transfer point. The main purpose of the competition was to ease traffic congestion and also offer other facilities such as restaurants and plazas. 

The main concept of the proposal calls for creating a visual and physical connection between the historical Jahra Gate and inwards towards the sea. This was done in several ways; the first being a bridge and a series of archways emphasizing the directionality towards Kuwait City. Secondly, and more evidently, is the Commemorating Pole which will pave a line of light towards the sea. One pole for every year the Old Gate has been standing. The aim of this pole is to create an event in the designed plaza; therefore making it a functional plaza. In addition, the poles and the restaurants were aimed at attracted a large number of visitors and in hopes that this proposal will become a catalyst and spur change in the historical street. Furthermore, the area is also home to a large number of pigeons and this project took them in consideration and designed a bird sanctuary for them as well as a multi-storey parking and streetscape. 

Second Place Winner, Direction Competition, Kuwait | With: Abrar AlEbrahim, Hasan Ali, Dhoha AlRashed, and Zainab AlSaadi